Big Data and Hadoop


    What is Big data?

    • ‘Big Data’ is similar to ‘small data’, but bigger in it’s size and in different formats (Structure, semi structured , unstructured).But having data bigger it requires different approaches:Techniques, tools and architecture to process them.
    • An aim to solve new problems or old problems in a better way
    • Big Data generates value from the storage and processing of very large quantities of digital information that cannot be analyzed with traditional computing techniques.

    Why is Big data important?

    Without the aid of data, innumerable operations, in all levels of the enterprise, could be threatened, impaired, or destroyed completely:

    “Data is like the air that a company breathes. Just as humans cannot survive without oxygen, a company cannot survive without the data [air] necessary to its life. Without that air, the company would theoretically choke.”


    Big data analytics helps organizations harness their data and use it to identify new opportunities. That, in turn, leads to smarter business moves, more efficient operations, higher profits and happier customers.

    Eg: Numbers of data generation rate.

    • Every sixty seconds, 98,000 tweets or more are made on Twitter.

    • Every sixty seconds, 695,000 status updates are made on Facebook.

    • Every sixty seconds, 11 million instant messages are sent.

    • Every sixty seconds, 698,445 Google searches are made.

    • Every sixty seconds, 168 million or more emails are sent.

    • Every sixty seconds, 1,820 terabytes (TB) of data is created.

    Below are the some advantages of it:

    • Big Data can unlock significant value by making information transparent.
    • As organizations create and store more transaction data in digital form,
    • Big Data allows ever-narrower segmentation of customers (knowing customer insights) and therefore much more precisely tailored products or services.
    • Sophisticated analytics can substantially improve decision-making, minimize risks, and unearth valuable insights that would otherwise remain hidden.
    • Big Data can be used to develop the next generation of products and services

    The Big Data Challenge and Opportunity

    Big Data analytics provides organizations an opportunity for disruptive change and growth. In most cases, however, the data sets are too large, move too fast or are too complex for the traditional computing environment, which creates a significant challenge. The technologies are available; however, an investment of time, money and resources will be necessary to fully implement a Big Data solution.

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