Sumalatha Pavani

I am very much thankful to the Ennoble team for coming up with the excellent course on Data Science.I was searching for a good training program on the same for past couple of months and came to know about this institute through one of my relatives.
Before the Introductory session,I was really in a dilemma whether an IT guy with testing background can learn & survive as a data scientist.But in the session,Arun(the Instructor) has cleared  all my doubts and helped me to enroll to this training session.
The R-programming training went very well through all the five weekends and now I got the required understanding of Data Analytics.
I would like to thank Mr.Arun for detailing the topics very clearly and sharing the important docs to be read
I liked the strcuturing of program curriculam very much.

Sumalatha Pavani 0

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